Turing Centennial Celebration – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 proceedings of Turing Centennial Celebration. Click here for yesterday’s events. Thanks to a comment of Noman, live VIDEO is also  available.

  • Martin Davis talks about “Universality is Ubiquitous”. The following slide is from Turing’s 1947 Lecture to the London Mathematical Society.

  • James Murray starts his talk titled “Mathematical Biology, Past, Present and Future: from animal coat patterns to brain tumors to saving marriages”

  • Now I understand “How the leopard gets its spots ?”

  • Barbara Liskov’s talk titled “Programming the Turing Machine”.

  • Tom Mitchell’s talk titled “Never-Ending Language Learning”. The following slide has a quote of Alan Turing, “What we want is a machine that can learn from experience”.

  • Andrew Odlyzko’s talk titled “Turing and the Riemann zeta function”.

  • Ron Rivest’s talk titled “The Growth of Cryptography”

  • Getting ready for dinner

  • Books about Alan Turing

  • Andrew Appel talking about “Turing, Gödel, and Church at Princeton in the 1930s”. This is an inspiring talk about the history of the origins of computing and programming languages at Princeton in 1930s.

  • Jack Emery, producer of the movie talking about his inspiration behind making “Breaking the Code

  • I expected this movie to be a slow documentary. But it exceeded all my expectations. It has sharp dialogues, slick editing and top-notch performances.
  • Here is a sample of a mathematical conversation


  • Here is another sample
  • That’s all for today. Tune in tomorrow for Day 3 proceedings.

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